~ Virgil ~

~ The Books ~

by Virgil
translated by W F Jackson Knight

"This is a tale of arms and a man."

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Penguin Classic
30 Dec 1956

368 pages
5.07 x 7.79in
ISBN 0140440518

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~ Virgil ~

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In this fresh prose translation,
W F Jackson Knight discusses the impact of
The Aeneid
on Western civilization, and provides a list of variations from the Oxford text.

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Dido & Aeneas
~ Dido & Aeneas ~


"The Aeneid of Virgil is a gateway between the pagan and the Christian centuries.
Virgil, who was born in 70 BC and died in 19 BC, left the poem unfinished at his death.
That was eight years after the republican government of old Rome gave place to the rule of emperors, and only a few years before the Christian Era started.
Virgil is the Poet of the Gate."

(from the Introduction by W F Jackson Knight)

Turnus and Iris
~ Turnus & Iris ~




One: The Trojans reach Carthage
Two: Aeneas' Narration -
The Sack of Troy
Three: Aeneas' Narration continued - His Travels
Four: The Tragedy of Dido
Five: The Funeral Games
Six: The Visit to the Underworld
Seven: War in Latium
Eight: The Site of
the Future Rome
Nine: Siege of
the Trojan Camp
Ten: The Relief and Pitched Battle
Eleven: Councils of War:
Pitched Battle Again
Twelve: Decision:
the Death of Turnus

List of Variations from
the Oxford Text
Glossary of Names
Select Bibliography
Genealogical Table of
the Royal Houses
of Troy and Greece

On a personal note:
  while I was choosing texts for the script for this radio production, I retrieved from my bookshelves a 1956 Penguin paperback: The Aeneid, translated by W F Jackson Knight. In the late-1950s, I was often buying books, more than I could read.
Here is its cover, the purple margin darkened with the years;
the price: three & sixpence.

I never did more than dip into it.
But I still have good intentions of finding time to read this fascinating story,
using the end-notes to work out
the people, places, and relationships.

- David Winn

~ Dido ~

22nd December 2010